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DerbySoft is the leading provider of high-performance distribution services to the hospitality industry. The foundation of DerbySoft's work is the connectivity it builds and maintains between these hotels companies'​ Central Reservations Systems and the platforms of Online Travel Agencies around the world. More recently, as travel metasearch sites have grown in importance, DerbySoft has developed specialized metasearch connectivity as well as a suite of metasearch reporting and management tools for the hotel companies. Founded in 2002, DerbySoft has grown to include over 60 supply-side partners and 200 plus distribution partners with over 350 connections worldwide. DerbySoft employs 455 people in 11 countries across the globe with offices in Shanghai, Dallas, Beijing, London, Tokyo, Nanjing and Barcelona.

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  • Established 2002
  • Employees 201-500 employees
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Senior Product Operations Manager

We are looking for an experienced Product Operatio...