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Company Detail

About Mediafon Carrier Services Mediafon Carrier Services is an alternative fixed line and mobile operator in Lithuania, which provides wholesale telecommunications services for national and international carriers. It started as a part of Mediafon with networks interconnection and wholesale voice transit services in Lithuanian market. In more than 15 years we have built up the reputation of a reliable partner – more than 15 partners use our network to provide retail telecommunications services in all Lithuania. Constantly expanding its network of foreign partners, we have grown to one of the largest wholesale carriers in Lithuania in terms of transit minutes and revenue. Presently Mediafon Carrier Services provides wholesale voice traffic transit services to nearly 200 telecommunications operators from more than 40 countries. Having a success and many years’ experience in voice transit Mediafon Carrier Services launched the highest quality SMS termination and Bulk SMS services within the region. Moreover, we provide number portability lookup in real time services in various countries. In order to satisfy needs of our customers in rapidly changing telecommunications business we constantly improving quality of our services and launching new ones. Mediafon Carrier Services provides local DID numbers service that is perfectly suited to the needs of a global business. Our Mission A professional partner for complex telecommunications solutions. Our Vision A smart and reliable player in the dynamic telecommunications market. You are welcome to contact us by e-mail at if you need additional information about our services.

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