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Solution Designer (Business Analyst)

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  • Management (incl. project, product management & human resources)


Job Description At Sage, Solution Designers play a mission-critical role - analyzing and understanding customer requirements in order to design and deliver products and services that delight our users. They work to define customer journeys and application features, collaborating with colleagues across the experience design community in user research, design and content as well as engaging with architects, technical development, and testing.


A Solution Designer is a high-level performer with strong relationships and the ability to coordinate projects and hit the ground running.

·         Are inspired by first-hand user engagement and immersed in user context and the problem domain.

·         Transform complex business scenarios into useful solutions that are easy to learn and efficient to use, meeting the exact needs of the user with simplicity and elegance.

·         Delight users with extraordinary emotional experiences, delivering innovative, great-looking, and uniquely ‘Sage’ experiences that users love.

·         Design for end-to-end user journeys across Sage’s Small Business Segment

·         Contribute to feature workstreams, devising novel solutions.

·         Help to solve major product challenges

·         Have a track record of contributing to shipped projects.


 Key Responsibilities

Product Design

·         As a domain expert, collaborate with customers and local legal experts to ensure compliance.

·         Contribute to prioritisation of the backlog based on a logical progression of delivery.

·         Understand business goals and strategy, perform competitor analysis, understand business rules, legislation, and constraints.

·         Apply design thinking to determine the best solution.

·         Use requirements definition and elicitation techniques to resolve conflicting requirements, validating requirements across multiple stakeholders while considering the impact on the customer and product.

·         Create accurate, unambiguous design deliverables aligned to business goals and strategy

·         Communicate complex ideas, requirements, solutions, and their rationale clearly, articulately, and effectively, using the most appropriate tools, methods.

·         Validate proposed solutions and use good judgment to determine whether to persevere or try other approaches

·         Support others in interpreting and implementing solutions

Specific Requirements

Ways of Working

·         Strong knowledge of industry-standard tools.

·         Strong knowledge of design thinking, gaining experience in design with rationale and design critique.

·         Contribute to the development of innovative practice in the local team.

·         Demonstrate strong communication, presentation, negotiation, collaboration, and interpersonal skills

·         Share knowledge, skills, and inspire other team members.

·         Influence seniors and thought leaders - be confident with constructive challenge.

·         Seek out personal development activities with initiative.

·         Design for constraint, and plan for iterative or phased delivery, and scalable solutions.

·         Drive and support velocity in the local team.

Hard Skills

  • Data Analytics
  • Product development
  • Customer success
  • Client management
  • Timelines
  • Deliverable management

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Responsible
  • Creative