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Intern Experience Manager

  • Management (incl. project, product management & human resources)
  • Education, Training, Teaching, Science Jobs


  • What will the Intern Experience Manager be trying to solve?
    • How best to support our current participants on the program, finding success in student feedback of support.
    • Providing the best resources of support for a participants exploration into their career pathway and enhancement of their professional development support
    • Bridging the gap between our two stakeholders, the participant, and the host company.
    • Being the first port of call for any participant concerns or questions.
    How many interns will I be supporting?
    • All intern experience managers will get assigned a range of partnership interns to support with increased numbers.
    • Interns come from around the world, with our 2020 alumni representing over 150 different universities from the US, UK, EU, MENA, and APAC regions.
    How big is the Intern Experience team?
    • The team will consist of up to 10 full-time staff for summer 2021.
    What does success look like in 3 months' time?
    • Successfully manage full intern caseload on your own with support from the Head of Intern Experience
    • Ability to understand how to effectively problem solve any common intern concerns
    • Complete knowledge of who to internally connect with for support with partners and host companies.
    What does success look like in 6 months' time?
    • Positive feedback from all interns exceeding 85% of the caseload
    • Bringing new innovative ideas to our program supports and interns communication
    • Be active support to enhance participant employability and career management skills

Specific Requirements

  • Ability to convey complex information to a wide variety of stakeholders.
  • Experience supporting student professional development.
  • Strength in juggling multiple tasks and priorities at once.
  • Experience working in a Startup environment: “thriving in chaos, but working towards structure”.
  • 6 – 12 months experience in Customer Service/ Educational Consultant/ Career Counselor/ OR be a recent graduate with an ambitious and driven approach.
  • Persistence, confidence, and energy.
  • You won't take no for an answer!
  • Fluent English language skills (you don’t need an IELTS, but if you did it would be 7.0+).
  • Based in North America/ Europe/ Africa OR in Asia/ APAC region;

Hard Skills

  • Multi-line phone proficiency
  • Customer relations
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Learning and development
  • Advanced language knowledge
  • Advanced writing skills

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solver
  • Multitasker
  • Organized