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English Subtitler

  • Translation, Localization, Interpretation Jobs


∙ Transcribe dialogue for English closed captions and subtitles for the hard of hearing in a one-step process to create a final deliverable
∙ Fact-check and verify key names and phrases, ensuring consistency and accuracy
∙ Perform full linguistic QCs of transcribed English subtitles and closed captions
∙ Work with global subtitling teams to ensure client expectations for quality and on-time delivery are met
∙ Provide constructive feedback to English editors
∙ Support root cause analysis for English quality issues
∙ Provide support for other product lines such as English templates, dialogue lists and spotting lists as needed

Specific Requirements

∙ Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Translation, Creative Writing or relevant equivalent experience
∙ English native speaker or ILR Level 5 proficiency
∙ Exceptional audio sensitivity – ability to understand a variety of English accents, including regional accents from the US, UK, Australia and other English speaking regions
∙ A passion for global cinema and television
∙ The ability to exercise critical thinking and analysis while working with creative content
∙ Detail-oriented, ability to prioritize tasks and make sound judgment calls while working under deadline
∙ Well-rounded knowledge of historical and contemporary events, cultural references, slang, idiom
∙ The ability to identify risks and effectively communicate them
∙ The ability to engage with a culturally diverse, distributed team ∙ Mastery of Microsoft Office or Google Suite
∙ Background in audiovisual and film production an asset

Hard Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • G-Suite
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Advanced language knowledge
  • Advanced writing skills
  • Proofreading and editing skills
  • Audio translating experience
  • Simultaneous translations experience

Soft Skills

  • Listening
  • Strategic thinker
  • Self-motivated
  • Enthusiastic
  • Attention to detail