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Team Leader Data Scientist – CRM

  • Banking, Finance, Insurance, Accounting and Trade jobs


We are looking for a team leader for our data scientists’ team from CRM department/Marketing Division.



  • Coordinate Data Science Team in charge with the development of Data Science use cases related to the customer focus
  • Manage use case backlog for both new use cases and existing models’ maintenance on the use case delivery stream
  • Support prioritization and estimation of effort needed for different use cases
  • Create, implement, assess and improve the set of rules and standards applicable in Advanced Analytics
  • Participate in the hiring process, coordinate, support and coach the data scientists in their tasks and responsibilities while actively working together
  • Lead cross functional implementation teams (business translator, data scientists and other IT Roles) on the use case delivery stream, eliminate potential role blocks
  • Decide on selection of tools, software, models and algorithms
  • Translate data analysis findings and research principles into concrete findings to key decision makers
  • Research, select and drive the adoption of new technologies supporting the Advanced Analytics
  • Drive the improvement of IT Advanced Analytics supporting infrastructure
  • Set tasks, plan experiments, communicate with counterparts
  • Support Advanced Anlytics communities from internal organization


 A good Team Leader Data Scientist has:


Technical Skills

  • Combine technical and statistical abilities with business understanding (processes and products), and project management (agile framework)
  • Strong presentation and communication skills, with a knack for explaining complex analytical concepts to people from other fields
  • Knowledge of project management principles and Agile framework, stakeholder management, scope definition
  • Understanding of statistical, modeling and machine learning techniques
  • Understanding cross-validation and relevant metrics for model selection
  • Scripting skills (SAS,Python, R) and usage of collaborative programming tools
  • 3-5 years of experience of working with Machine Learning models
  • Knowledge about standard Python and R packages and their capabilities
  • Knowledge about IDE’s for data science such as Jupyter Notebook/ JupyterLab/ RStudio
  • Familiarity with basic principles of distributed computing and/or distributed databases
  • Knowledge about GitHub for collaborative work, about deployment of applications in Docker, about Flask
  • Usage of SQL (Oracle, SQL Server, procSQL)


Cool if: 

  • Knowledge about big data infrastructure
  • Knowledge about analytical/data solutions in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud



Soft Skills

  • Strong Work Ethics
  • Leadership skills, problem-solving, highly organized, have an ability to handle multiple simultaneous tasks, prioritize and meet tight deadlines
  • Team-builder, result-oriented, proactive and self-driven
  • Curiosity, ready to try new technologies and ideas, capacity to select viable products, perseverance in opening and building new paths
  • Ability to understand the business aspects and the related data environment
  • Capacity to drive changes in technology and culture
  • Capacity to work and relate business and IT
  • Capacity to correlate various and complex information and to integrate in compact and relevant format for decision making
  • Proactive mindset, willingness to take initiative and work with little supervision


Hard Skills

  • Data Analytics
  • Business Process Understanding

Soft Skills

  • Problem-solver
  • Time management
  • Multitasker
  • Organized