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  • Translation, Localization, Interpretation Jobs


Our “Full-time Legal Translator” position is now vacant, and we are looking for seeking professionals.


  1. +5 years in as a full-time translator with a proven track record of the most notable projects completed.
  2. Solid experience in translating high volume projects in tight deadlines.
  3. Proven experience in producing quality translations.
  4. Proficient knowledge in the use of CAT tools.
  5. Well experienced in translating contracts, court memoranda, case documents and all types of legal documents.



  1. Proficient knowledge in the use of CAT tools.
  2. ability to work with PowerPoint

Hard Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Typing and typing speed
  • Advanced language knowledge
  • Proofreading and editing skills
  • Business Process Understanding
  • Audio translating experience
  • Document interpretation
  • Simultaneous translations experience
  • Consecutive interpreting expertise

Soft Skills

  • Team-oriented
  • Responsible
  • Flexible
  • Work well under pressure
  • Attention to detail