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CONTRACT - Bilingual Game Translator (Spanish)

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  • Translates in-game text, voice scripts, manuals, and supplementary development and testing-related documents and materials as required to support products and services through launch and beyond
  • Plays pre -production software in Spanish and communicates and clarifies developer intent through text translation and collaboration with other team members
  • Provides cultural and creative input regarding localizing Nintendo products for the US, and Latin America
  • Contributes to the naming process for game titles and terminology
  • Tests and evaluates games and products and provides feedback regarding design and content for the US, and Latin American market
  • Assists other Nintendo of America, Inc. (NOA) departments with game-related support including demonstrating games internally and capturing video and screenshots
  • Collaborates with localization staff at Nintendo of Europe (NOE) to achieve alignment when necessary by creating process efficiencies and leveraging resources
  • Maintains awareness of game industry in assigned market and communicates market trends to product acquisition, development, and marketing teams
  • Maintains awareness of culturalization related topics, identifying issues and proposing solutions as needed
  • Works with management in coordinating global localization efforts, insuring efficiency and avoiding unnecessary redundancy
  • Reviews products for Legal and ESRB compliance
  • May interpret meetings, telephone calls, and video conferences related to game development and localization
  • Performs translation and interpretation for other departments and subsidiaries as required
  • Provides input in project scheduling and resource allocation
  • Updates management in a timely regarding development schedule challenges, changes, and delays
  • Assists with the planning and direction of voice recording sessions
  • May be asked to participate in the hiring process by reviewing assessments, and participating in interviews
  • Up to 10% domestic and international travel
  • May interpret media interviews with developers at high-profile events
  • Leverages understanding of game content and target market trends and culture in making recommendations and proposals related to market strategy and tactics
  • May act as spokesperson for Nintendo by demonstrating games to media, participating in interviews, presenting on live streams, and supporting other promotional efforts
  • Generates game-related content for websites, social media, and other consumer-facing portals
  • Works with internal and external translation resources to coordinate translation projects
  • Reviews translations for accuracy and consistency
  • Open to remote work within the US


  • Two to four years of related experience
  • Acute attention to detail and accuracy
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
  • Strong game play skills and the ability to identify design and content issues
  • Familiarity with contemporary and historical home and mobile video-game markets
  • Strong familiarity with Microsoft Office suite and ability to quickly become proficient with complex proprietary software
  • Ability to work in a highly confidential environment
  • Excellent Spanish and English translation skills, including two to four years specific translation experience
  • Spanish and English interpretation skills, including experience interpreting business meetings and/or conference calls
  • Familiarity with Latin American history, culture and customs
  • Familiarity with localization/translation tools
  • Experience operating Microsoft Windows and Office software in Spanish
  • Native level fluency in Spanish
  • Undergraduate degree in required language, Linguistics, Translation, Communications, Journalism or equivalent experience
  • Experience translating and editing in target language preferred

Hard Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Advanced language knowledge
  • Simultaneous translations experience

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Organized
  • Attention to detail