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Japanese OSINT Language Analyst

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The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Office of Counterintelligence (OCI) Counterintelligence Analysis Division (CAD) are seeking linguist support to collect intelligence from human sources and protect DIA and DoD from foreign intelligence threats through counterintelligence activities. This contract requires translation, research, interpretation, and analytical assistance of material obtained through research or collection missions supporting requirements worldwide and can be original hard copy documents or electronic media.

Specific Requirements

  • Provide written translations of technical and non-technical services in the designated target language in support of the DIA, DoD, and US interests.
  • Provide full and summary translation of the exploitation of materials/media derived from the collection of foreign language media sources, to include written, audio, and video materials.
  • Provide additional Open-Source research and analysis based upon recommendations provided by the government to augment the context of the translations.
  • Provide written reports in English to include but not limited to Open-Source Reports and Intelligence Information Reports (IIRs).
  • Provide answers to Request for Information (RFIs).
  • Provide advice and briefings to customers on cultural, social, and ethnic significance of conversations, situations, and documents based on the translation conducted.
  • Input and extract data from various associated databases and websites for all linguists’ requirements performed.
  • Provide quality control checks of reports and translated documents.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Native-level mastery/fluency of both languages (English and target), especially:
  • An extensive vocabulary ranging from formal language to colloquialisms and slang.
  • Written translation from target language to English.
  • Advanced Microsoft Office programs (Word, Outlook, Excel, and Power Point) skills.
  • Ability to obtain 3/3/3 ILR scores on both target language and English language tests.
  • A minimum of 5 years of hands-on OSINT experience.
  • Experienced in conducting quality control of other linguists’ translations and open-source research reports.
  • Must hold and maintain an active Final TS clearance, be eligible to obtain SCI access and pass a CI Polygraph.
  • Advanced knowledge of standard business applications, with particular emphasis on Acrobat, Oracle (queries & reports), SQL, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and SharePoint.
  • Experience writing and/or using scripts written in Python, VBS
  • Trados Certification for Translators (Level 1) or Project Managers

Hard Skills

  • Microsoft Office