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Freelance Interpreter

  • Translation, Localization, Interpretation Jobs


Linguistica International interpreters assist non-English speakers to communicate with their medical/legal or social service providers around the New Haven area.

Interpreters are called to cover appointments on an as-needed basis working on-call around their schedule.

This position offers great hourly rates, the flexibility you need to work on other projects and is a great way to help your community!

Specific Requirements

Qualifications and Skills

  • Interpreters need to have complete fluency in their working languages.
  • Ability to instantly comprehend and convert one language into another.
  • Interpreters also need a good understanding of spoken language.
  • A good memory is particularly helpful.
  • Excellent concentration and the ability to think quickly are essential.
  • Convert concepts in the source language to equivalent concepts in the target language
  • Compile information, such as technical terms used in various social settings, into glossaries and terminology databases.
  • Speak, read, and write fluently in at least two languages, including English and one or more others.
  • Relay the style and tone of the original language.
  • Render spoken messages accurately, quickly, and clearly.

Hard Skills

  • Consecutive interpreting expertise