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Lead Editor

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We are seeking a highly experienced and creative editor who will also assume full responsibility for maintaining and running our post production operations: managing a small team of editors and AE’s across a variety of project and keeping editing suites and servers operating smoothly.

During some periods, the position might lean toward almost full-time editing. At other times, the role may be more managerial. Creativity, responsibility, adaptability all required.



This is an interesting position in a small and unique company that will be expanding within the next couple of years. It is the opportunity for the right person to help create and shape a dynamic, successful work environment both for themself and for others. We are looking for a highly creative individual - who is also looking to become a successful manager.

The full-time position based in Borough Market, Central London. Salary is based on experience and is competitive.

Hard Skills:

• 5 years ’+ experience in offline editing, creating high-level trailers, promos and documentaries. NOTE: Many of our the pieces we produce are extremely ‘edit intensive’ - high-energy, dynamic fast cuts synced perfectly with dialogue and music. We will need to see this demonstrated high level of work from candidates.

• A strong and proven editorial sense, creative story-telling capabilities, and the skills and passion to bring our ideas to life!

• Proficient using both Avid Media Composer and Adobe Creative Cloud Software.

• 2 years ’+ experience in online editing, sound-mixing, and grading.

• Must have experience in Da Vinci Resolve with a flair for colour grading.

• Ability to maintain and optimise post-production systems and equipment.

• Previous experience in media and server management.

• Knowledge and experience in backup/archive LTO workflows.

Soft Skills:

• An articulate communicator. Eager to maintain and build relationships with colleagues, clients, freelancers, and third-party post houses.

• Pre-emptive and reactive to rapidly changing circumstances.

• Experienced in leading a team and motivated to help develop their skills.

• A tech-savvy problem-solver who can troubleshoot media and IT systems.

• Demonstrates a keenness to keep up to date with the latest technology and workflow innovations, and is able to implement where necessary.

• Strong organisational skills, and experience in scheduling resources and staff.

• A hard-working and reliable team player who brings a positive attitude to work every day.

Hard Skills

  • Creative direction