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Freelance French Transcribers

  • Translation, Localization, Interpretation Jobs


Language Insight is looking for French > English freelance audio transcribers. 
We require you to directly transcribe from French Audio into English Text. 
We pay these projects at a rate per recorded minute. 
For each project, you will receive an audio file, a typing template, and reference materials relating to the subject which is mainly Medical Market Research.

To be considered for the role, you should: 
• Be Native in either French or English 
• Have either: 
– MA in Translation 
– BA in any subject and 2+ years’ Translation/ Transcription experience. 
– 5 years or more of translation/transcription experience. 
• Experience in Medical 
• Be good at researching terminology; 
In order to assess whether our audio translation projects are the right fit for you, we will send you a short transcription test to be completed before commencing with any live work. 

Hard Skills

  • Advanced language knowledge
  • Audio translating experience