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Spanish Teacher

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-Teach for 6+ hours per week (10-20 hours preferred).
-Teach virtually (on Zoom) and in-person in the Chattanooga area.
-Teach a wide variety of ages, ranging from young children to adults, in both group and one-on-one settings.
-Teach on-site at local schools or businesses, if we have the demand (i.e. after-school kids classes).
-Plan well for every class and provide appropriate resources to students through CSL’s Google Drive.
-Work to integrate Comprehensible Input (CSL’s foundational methodology) principles and activities into every class (training will be provided if you’re not already familiar with CI practices).
-Check in to CSL’s communication platforms (Gmail and Slack) at least once every weekday and respond to all communications within 24 hours and all internal task requests within 48 hours.
-Complete all required weekly administrative tasks (i.e. attendance, scheduling, etc.)
-Attend monthly team meetings, quarterly check-in meetings with CSL’s manager, quarterly colleague support meetings with a fellow team member, and various professional development opportunities and team functions throughout the year.                                 
-Maintain professionalism and an encouraging, constructive, and validating demeanor in all interactions with students and fellow team members.

Specific Requirements

-Advanced proficiency in Spanish (preference given to native speakers).
-Advanced proficiency in ASL, English, French, and/or Portuguese (preferred).
-Spanish language teaching experience or Spanish interpretation experience + teaching experience (of any kind).
-Ability to develop customized curriculum and remain flexible and adaptable to suit student needs/desires.
-Excellent people skills.
-Team player mindset; but able to work well independently.
-Passionate about sharing your language and culture with others and supporting students on their journey toward achieving their unique language learning goals.
-Willing to be trained and eager to learn.
-Degrees and certifications related to Spanish and/or teaching preferred, but not required.
-Previous experience teaching with comprehension-based methods preferred, but not required.
-If candidate has other administrative, communications, and/or marketing skills and experience, these will also be taken into account and could lead to a broader role at CSL beyond the teacher role.

Hard Skills

  • Relationship building
  • Learning and development
  • Scheduling
  • Meeting minutes
  • Advanced language knowledge
  • Advanced writing skills
  • Consecutive interpreting expertise

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Team player
  • Flexible
  • Enthusiastic

We offer

-Flexible schedule (i.e. you can choose what days/times you want to teach that match our current student needs/demand).
-Please note that weekly hours may fluctuate, depending on the demand of student needs and interests.
-Opportunity to teach both remotely and in-person.
-Supportive and empowering team culture + community of continuous learning and innovation.
-Paid professional development opportunities.
-$30/hr teaching rate.
-$15/hr administrative rate (for required meetings, trainings, and other administrative tasks).
-Additional perks after six months.
-After completion of six months of teaching for CSL, compensation rates and opportunities may increase depending on a teacher’s amount of weekly teaching hours.