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Medical Translator - (English/German/Dutch)

  • Sales, Business Development, Business Consulting


Medical Translator services are required for eligible health care beneficiaries as scheduled by the Government for the 852nd Medical Squadron/Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base. You are embedded in the clinic and are responsible for translating, processing, maintaining, and releasing medical records and referrals. You are also required to complete or extract medical records data to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Specific Requirements

  • Provide official medical translation from German to English, Dutch to English, on host nation medical reports received in the Referral Management Center.
  • Initiates and locates patient medical records as needed; scans medical report results and translations into the Healthcare Artifact and Image Management Solution (HAIMS) system as required.
  • Translates HN provider medical reports “on the spot” and urgently from German or Dutch to English and English to German or Dutch as needed.
  • Translates command sponsorship packages as needed.
  • Translates TRICARE Prime requests older than one (1) year as needed.
  • Provides medical report translations for TRICARE Select and PLUS beneficiaries as needed.
  • Maintains translating a minimum of 1.5 medical report pages per hour and a performance threshold of 99% accuracy of all final reports submitted to the 52 MDG. The 99% accuracy measurement is defined as the final report being free from any defects in either language structure and/or transcription of content (e.g. laboratory results and their accompanying units of measure). As such, the contractor shall provide a complete and accurate rendering of medical documentation (i.e. source material) into grammatically and colloquially correct products in the written English language.


  • Must have the ability to read, speak and write English, German and Dutch languages at a proficiency Level 4 (highly fluent).
  • Be able to provide a significant service as a translator between the German healthcare providers and American medical healthcare beneficiaries.
  • High School Diploma
  • A certification as German-English/English-German, Dutch-English/English-Dutch translator/interpreter is required.
  • Type a minimum of 40 WPM
  • Shall have a background in areas such as nursing, medical customer care, or advice work. Shall have excellent listening and communication skills to deal with complex and sensitive situations.
  • Knowledge of medical terminology.
  • Knowledge of Customer Service
  • Must hold and maintain proper credentials as a certified German–English/English-German translator and Dutch-English/English-Dutch translator.
  • Knowledgeable in general medical ethics, health records administration
  • Knowledge in telephone etiquette, office management methods, excellent communications, and customer service skills, strong organizational background, and computer operations including Microsoft Windows and spreadsheet type applications
  • Be familiar with Air Force Quality Management principles. Patient confidentially and the ability to deal with patient-sensitive information are indispensable. Shall display courtesy toward coworkers and customers and maintain professional composure at all time
  • Shall maintain an understanding/knowledge of both HIPAA and German privacy laws/regulations and maintain a thorough understanding of the healthcare of DoD beneficiaries

Hard Skills

  • Customer relations
  • Advanced writing skills