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Digital Media Executive

  • Sales (inc. pre-sales and lead-generation)
  • Marketing and PR, Advertising and Creative Media Jobs
  • Market Research, Research Jobs


Social Media Management

§  Developing and executing a social media plan for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn based on their overall content plan.

§  Writing exciting and engaging posts that open up dialogue and sourcing high quality imagery and video which achieve their aims.

§  Daily community management and development, responding to comments and enquiries in a manner that will foster community growth and engagement and maintain theirs positive profile.

§  Running campaigns specifically aimed at acquiring new followers or achieving likes or shares, in line with set KPIs.

§  Helping the Programming Team to ensure that all events held at their place are well attended through the creation of Social Media event pages and using boosts and promotions to targeted audiences.

§  Managing live posting and live streaming from events at their place.


§  Taking photos and video for use on social, in line with branding guidelines.


§  Maintaining all social media profiles, ensuring any newly added functionality is utilised as far as possible.


§  Regularly monitoring audience activity, reporting on figures and using insights to make improvements to the social media plan as well as putting forward suggestions for the overall content plan.

§  Audience development – identifying and developing relationships with brands, institutions and influencers that can raise the digital profile of theirs.


§  Liaise with their media buying agency to plan and execute social media marketing campaigns.


§  Keep up to date with trends in social media marketing and changes in platforms, implementing any necessary modifications and making use of new opportunities.


Website Management

§  Maintaining their website and working with our preferred supplier to develop the website’s functionality and user experience.

§  Regularly uploading content from the Content Marketing Manager and Programming Team, ensuring the content meets brand guidelines

§  Joining content planning meetings to give input on suitable types of content or recent trends.


§  Advising other teams or team members on the specifications for content (word count, keywords, image specs etc.) and where necessary, editing the content received to ensure it meets requirements.

§  Managing the optimisation of digital content, working with our preferred supplier on enhancing SEO.


§  Attending event operations meetings to understand additional information to be added to the website or social media such as changes in opening times etc.

§  Monitor website performance and compile monthly reports. Use reports from previous years to identify low traffic months and use social media to push traffic to the website during that time.

§  Managing a roadmap of updates and improvements to the current website, gaining approvals, undertaking some improvements and commissioning third parties where necessary.


Specific Requirements

§  Translation of content – for example, subtitling videos and translating content for website – either directly or by overseeing external suppliers.

§  Contribute to building their internal relationships database.


§  Marketing support for events, this includes pre-event and live at events (e.g. exhibition previews, film screenings, food and drink promotions, workshops, expert panel discussions, performances etc.

§  Marketing support for the broad offers and Partnership events and collaborations.


§  Monitor spend on social boosting and feedback to manager on results.


§  Other reasonable duties as allocated by the Directors.


§  Drive development of occasional interns and volunteers.


Hard Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Online Networking
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Content Creation and Management

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Strategic thinker
  • Multitasker
  • Responsible
  • Creative

We offer

Great dynamic company and the opportunity to work on some really interesting strategic campaigns with some very talented researchers
Strong leadership team